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Hire Dr. Sherman To Speak On Corporate Wellness

Our Goal:
To provide all of our clients with access to a corporate wellness program that will provide them with an opportunity to improve their life style by resolving physical problems that prevent them from working and performing at the peak of their potential.

Our Capabilities:
We at Sherman Corporate Wellness Center specialize in providing programs that can enhance the well being of people. We custom design programs to meet the needs of all individuals and can provide our expertise to your company. Our programs are as diverse as the physical problems faced by those in our community. Some of our community members suffer from malnutrition. Some suffer from obesity. Others may suffer from being under weight, while others may require an exercise or physical rehabilitation program to resolve a health problem. We can provide solutions to all of these problems, and, thereby, can implement a program that can benefit all of your employees.

Proposed Program:
We would provide a series of 10 weekly seminars at your facilities to your employees. Each seminar will consist of a one hour presentation on areas where individuals can improve their wellness. Each presentation would be followed by a one hour question and answer session where employees can ask questions and receive guidance in areas of improved wellness. We would establish a presence at your facility that would enable us to provide a convenient venue to treat your employees who have a desire to resolve wellness issues.

Cost structure:
Depends on number of employees enrolled. Email information for a quote to

Benefits of program:
Your company will benefit through the enhanced well being of its employees. You will achieve cost savings on your corporate medical insurance plan, a reduction in employee absenteeism and the improved performance of your employees. Individuals who feel better perform better!



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