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Laura S. - Lost 42 Lbs in 4 Months

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John S. - Lost 142 Lbs in 7 Months

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Lisa I. - Lost 30 Lbs in 4 Months

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Lisa W.

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Unique individual approach: Why Sherman Sciences program works?
Sherman Sciences weight loss program is different than many of the weight loss programs current in the market place. Sherman Sciences involves a unique approach. By focusing on the individual and designing a specific weight loss program based on their needs Sherman Sciences creates a winning approach.

What you can expect?
Sherman Sciences weight loss program is natural. There are no medications and no surgeries. We have a very high success rate with individuals averaging 2.5 to 5 lbs per week of weight loss.

What’s involved?
A complete History is taken involving past eating habits, physical condition and food likes and dislikes. After the history is taken blood work at the laboratory may be requested. From this information a complete nutrition program is created. Patient’s have the option of buying supplements and shakes. They are given a complete food program, along with an exercise program based on their physical limitation. Some people have specific injuries, like shoulder surgery, knee surgery, back pain, hip replacement and have gained significant amount of weight do their injuries. Sherman Sciences designs custom work out programs showing them how to exercise in spite of their limitations. One of the great parts of the Sherman System is the weekly accountability and coaching.  At least one time per week and as often as three Dr. Sherman will consult with you helping you to overcome bad habits and teaching you better life style choices. This is the reason why Sherman Sciences succeeds over so many other programs in the market place. Dr. Sherman has the unique ability to help you overcome bad habits and to replace them with good habits. He teaches you each week how to eat better. With over 20 years experience in the weight loss field Dr. Sherman knows how to strengthen your resolve.

How to stay motivated and consistent?
Dr. Sherman offers many motivation techniques. Sometimes an in depth education as to what food benefits you and which food harms you is needed. Other times Laboratory analysis helps, Sometimes live cell is used for motivational purposes. Whatever technique keeps you eating healthy and exercising regularly your program will be designed on your needs and you what works best for you.

Do you have to buy the supplements and shakes?
No. It is always your option. The Shakes provide an easy way to help get the nutrition you need. They help make sure you get the right amount of protein and are quick to prepare. The program does not require you to buy the shakes it is always your option.

What happens once I am off the shakes?
A maintenance nutrition program is given and you are coached on how to not gain the weight back. Exercise is very important and by this time better habits are formed.

What is the cost?
The initial consultation is $150. This includes the write up on what foods you should eat and what exercise program would work best for your physical condition. If you want a motivation test like live cell or body fat analysis it may also be performed.

Are the shakes and supplements refundable?
No they are not. Because they are perishable items and can be contaminated once you buy them you own them. They are optional and you do not have to get them to be successful. They are an aid.

How do I know what is my healthy weight?
We use many different methods for determining your best body weight. Body fat and composition test may be performed. Body Mass Index may be calculated. And other testing and charting may be used.

Is the program effective and safe?
Because it is a noninvasive program and does not use medications it is very safe and natural.

What if I have been heavy most of my life will it work?
That depends on you. The program works when you follow the instructions. Dr. Sherman will help coach you to break old past bad habits. Ultimately success will always be how hard you are willing to work at it.

Will it affect my metabolism?
Yes, one of the goals of the programs is to improve your metabolism.
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