Lecture Topics

  1. Understanding Chronic Fatigue and How to Have More Energy

  2. Understanding Food Toxicity and the Effects of Stress

  3. Understanding Fiber Intake and the Importance of a Healthy Bowel

  4. Understanding Body Mass Index, BMR and Exercise for Maximum Health  

  5. Understanding What Causes Cancer, How to Prevent It and What to Do If You or Some You Love Has It

  6. Understanding How to Read the Food Labels for Better Health and Wellness

  7. Understanding The Effects of Alcohol Consumption, and How to Recover Quickly

  8. Understanding Beverages, What is Good, What is Bad and How to Know the Difference

  9. Understanding How Food Effects the Emotions & How to Have a Better Attitude in the Work Place

  10. Understanding Pesticides, Poisons and Preservatives and Which Ones Are Dangerous and Which Ones Are Okay

  11. Understanding How Foods Affects the Immune System and How to Never Be Sick

  12. Understanding How to Get a Good Night's Sleep and How Food Intake Affects Sleep

  13. Understanding Fibromyalgia and How to Prevent It

  14. Understanding Headaches and How to Prevent Them

  15. Understanding Low Back Pain and How to Prevent It

  16. Understanding Carpal Tunnel and How to Prevent It

  17. Understanding The Principles of Anti Aging

  18. Understanding How to Prevent Arthritis

  19. Understanding How to Prevent ADHD (Attention Disorder) and How to Concentrate Better

  20. Understanding How to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

  21. Understanding How to Prevent Allergies and Asthma

  22. Understanding How to Do a Health Natural Detoxification

  23. Understanding How to Order Out at Restaurants and to Eat This And Not That

  24. How to Improve the Functioning of Your Liver, Colon, Kidney, Adrenal, Thyroid, Naturally Without Drugs & How to Lower Cholesterol Etc…

  25. Understanding How to Decrease Depression

  26. Understanding How to Decrease Work Place Anger and How to Build More Patience

  27. Ergonomics for a Healthier Work Place