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Sherman Corporate Wellness Program Details


Dr.  Alan sherman has been speaking on wellness and preventive health for over 20 years. A well known speaker and writer has spoken at fortune 500 companies with references available on request.

Dr. Sherman’s goal is to help employee’s take better care of themselves by educating them on better nutrition, exercises programs and stretching and flexibility programs.

Dr. Sherman also does health and wellness fairs. Spinal screenings as well as blood pressure, body fat analysis and massage therapy.

Dr. Sherman’s corporate wellness staff performs weekly chair massage at many company’s at no direct cost to the company.


Healthier people are more energetic, happier and more productive. We create, manage and promote long term health and wellness programs. Our programs are designed to help your company function at the highest capacity possible. 

Improving your employees health and fitness has the following benefits:

  • Reduced sick days

  • Improved healthy and productive mind set

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved employee health and energy levels

  • Improved ability to concentrate

  • Improved employee satisfaction

  • Reduce the effects of work stress

  • Reduced employee turnover

  • Decreased workers compensation

  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and retention


  • Great for open enrollment

  • Have us come as your guest or have us set up your event

  • Services for wellness fair includes: massages, spinal examination, sports injury consultations, blood pressure, cholesterol screening.

  • Employee appreciate an employers interest in health


Sherman Corporate Wellness Speaking Engagements

To provide all of our clients with access to a corporate wellness program that will provide them with an opportunity to improve their life style by resolving physical problems that prevent them from working and performing at the peak of their potential.

We at Sherman Corporate Wellness center specialize in providing programs that can enhance the well being of people. We custom design programs to meet the needs of all individuals and can provide our expertise to your company. Our programs are as diverse as the physical problems faced by those in our community. Some of our community members suffer from malnutrition. Some suffer from obesity. Others may suffer from being under weight, while others may require an exercise or physical rehabilitation program to resolve a health problem. We can provide solutions to all of these problems, and, thereby, can implement a program that can benefit all of your employees.

We would provide a series of 10 weekly seminars at your facilities to your employees. Each seminar will consist of a one hour presentation on areas where individuals can improve their wellness. Each presentation would be followed by a one hour question and answer session where employees can ask questions and receive guidance in areas of improved wellness. We would establish a presence at your facility that would enable us to provide a convenient venue to treat your employees who have a desire to resolve wellness issues.

Your company will benefit through the enhanced well being of its employees. You will achieve cost savings on your corporate medical insurance plan, a reduction in employee absenteeism and the improved performance of your employees. Individuals who feel better perform better!


Corporate Weight Loss



Designed to motivate employees and develop a team approach to better health. Employees gather in teams of five, ten or fifteen to form a group.

Each group has a weight in on a specific day by Sherman corporate wellness team. Their body fat is taken and some may elect to have their blood pressure and cholesterol taken as well. The challenge can involve having a specific amount of weight loss, a specific body fat or reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. The team that shows the greatest change and has the most improvement wins. A number of prizes can be given to the winning team.

Reason for choosing the corporate weight loss challenge:

  • Find out who are the leaders

  • Find out which team has the most discipline

  • Find out which team will work the hardest

  • Find out which team will work the best together

  • Develop a sense of team spirit

  • Increase loyalty to the company

  • Increase health among employees

  • Improve productivity and decrease sick days

Cost of the weight loss challenge depends on the number of employees involved and the length of time for the challenge.



Sherman Corporate Wellness Team will come out to your company and work with individuals on a one on one basis. Each employee will discuss their individualized goals and a program will be created for each individual to lose weight and achieve maximum health. Employees will have options on reducing cholesterol and the way they would like to lose weight. Sherman Wellness Programs have a very high success rate. Employees are coached one time a week. They are weighed in at this time and shown strategies for better health and weight loss.

Reasons for choosing individual weight loss program

  • Company sponsored so individuals are more likely to participate

  • Involves keeping employees weight loss and health issues confidential

  • Individuals compete against themselves and do not feel any pressure

  • Employees appreciate the help the company is given them creating a better sense of loyalty.

  • Employees are more productive

  • Employees have more energy and are more enthusiastic about their working environment



This program involves corporate sponsored weight loss program but involves completely private results. Some employees will want their program confidential. They will come to the doctor’s office on their free time and start the program which is sponsored by the employer. The results and weight loss issues are handled at the doctor’s office.

Reasons for choosing weight loss at doctor’s office

  • Employees weight loss situation is completely confidential

  • Employees appreciate the company’s concern for their health

  • Employees are more productive

  • Employees have more energy

  • Employees spend less time sick and work comp cost go down

  • Shows a corporate sponsored health program without the pressure





  • Employees pay for their massage

  • Massages are in 15 minutes intervals with 30 minute maximum

  • We will send out the number of massage therapist necessary for the size of your company

  • We are fully insured

  • All massage therapist are licensed and trained

  • Cost is $15.00 for 15 minutes


  • We send out one or more massage therapist for your special event

  • Must be prepaid and the price includes travel time

  • All our massage therapist are licensed

  • We are available for all types of events

  • Prepayment must be made to secure the massage therapist time

  • We guarantee reliability


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